What is Rock64Iota.com?

All Rock64 products offered at this website are licensed by Pine64. After payment, an order for the selected parts will be created on https://www.pine64.org/.
These parts will be assembled and all the software that’s needed to run a full Iota Node will be installed. Optionally other hardware and/or software will be installed based on the users choice.
After completion, the Rock64 will be tested for a short period of time, before it will be shipped to the address that has been filled in during ordering.

Shipping costs

Rock64Iota is located in the Netherlands. Please be aware that import custom duty tax and fee is not included in shipping cost. Buyer(s) have to pay if applicable.

Shipping costs vary based on your geographical location.

Canceling order

An order can be canceled without any extra costs at any time before the order is ‘in process’. To do so, please send a mail to info@rock64Iota.com. If an order is already in progress, but you still want to cancel it, please contact info@rock64Iota.com to see what we can do. Rock64Iota can cancel any order at any point in time without giving a reason. Of course you will be refunded 100% if this occurs.


Your Rock64 device will be in constant connection with my update server. Every 5 minutes it will check for updates. This way, updates of IRI, or any of the other installed software will be automatically installed and booted. Although Rock64Iota.com is offering this service, it has the right to stop this service at any time without giving a reason for it.


Rock64Iota.com is in no way responsible for any damage or injuries caused by their products. The products are used at your own risk.


Please read the warranty of Pine64 products on their website. Keep in mind that at the moment of delivery to you, some warranty time has already passed because I had to ship the product to you. In case of a failure of the device please contact me as soon as possible.
Rock64Iota.com will deliver a complete, out-of-the box, working product at the moment of shipping, but can’t guarantee that it keeps working without maintanance. Rock64Iota.com is not responsible for maintenance of your board or its software.

By placing an order at this website, you also agree with the terms of use as stated on https://www.pine64.org/.