I have no experience with Linux or Iota. Is it hard to run a node?

  • It is very easy to run a full Iota node. But you should check it’s status every now and then. Iota is still in Beta, so things are changing rapidly. New versions and improvements are around the corner, so make sure you check your node regularly.
  • Linux experience is not required to run this node. Everything you’ll need to do can be found on this website. Scripts have been made to make it easier for you to run the node.


How long will it take for my items to arrive?

  • It usually takes somewhere between 2 and 12 weeks for everything to be delivered and sent to you. Usually, it takes about 4-7 weeks. If takes longer you will be noticed.


Are there any steps I have to do manually before the node works?


I have some questions, how can I contact you?


What is Iota?


Why should I run a full Iota node myself?

  • If you believe in Iota, then running a full node will help the network. By participating with a node, the tangle (Iota network) will grow and eventually become more stable. The more nodes that join the network, the faster and more stable it will become.


Can I also run a node on a Raspberry Pi?

  • At the moment, IRI needs 4GB of memory. Raspberry Pi doesn’t have that amount of memory so you can’t run a full node on a Raspberry Pi.


Can I also setup the node myself?

  • Yes, you definitely can! I encourage everybody to setup a full node to help the network, and if you have the skills to do it yourself, then please do so. I will write a tutorial about how you can setup a node yourself soon.