First Rock64 devices shipped and running – Installation script update

Today I received some feedback from an early customer who finished his Rock64 setup after buying it at
Based on this feedback, I am going to update the install script for new customers.

Customers that already ordered a Rock64 device and thus have the old installation script will receive an email with instructions how to update the installation file manually.

These were the problems encountered:

  • IP address is always 192.168.1.XXX – Some routers/providers only accept different IP settings (Like 192.168.178.XXX)
  • DNS nameserver not set correctly / reset on shutdown.
  • Installation Instruction on the website mentioned to first type in cd Iota. This is no longer needed and thus have been removed now.
  • Port forwarding instructions will be improved for clearity

New orders will automatically use the new installation script.

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