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In November 2017 I decided trying to get a full Iota node on a Rock64. It took several months of trial and error, changing hardware configurations and software versions, to get a stable node.
At the beginning of March 2018 I finally managed to get it stable.

Lots of people asked me if it was possible to buy an out-of-the-box working Iota node on a Rock64. So far, the answer has been no. But I’ve been working hard getting this website up and running and have been in contact with Pine64 about this as well.
I can now finally say that it’s possible to get your own Iota full node on a credit card sized device.

Help the Iota network to grow by running your own node, or use your own node for your own benefits. For example attach your own wallet, or play around with mam on your own node.

Continue to the shop to see what’s possible!

Thank you for visiting!

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  1. Hello,

    With this node, can I view the transaction data. I’m not a techy, but I see when node owners have a full node they run programs that show them how many transactions are being confirmed on the Tangle. They also can create a table to see the addresses and accounting holdings, then break that down within a spreadsheet to see statistics within the Tangle.

    Is that possible with one of these nodes?


    1. Hello JD Sutton,

      The nodes will be delivered with IRI, Nelson client, Nelson Gui, and carrIota Field installed.

      Via Nelson Monitor and carriota field you are able to get lots of stats from your node via very user-friendly dashboard interfaces.
      You can visit Carriota field for a dashboard preview.

      And here is a screenshot of the Nelson monitor interface.

      Nelson Monitor

      But, if you are a little bit familiar with Linux, you can also send commands to your node. This way you can extract all the data, Including the number of transactions and more.

  2. Will the node continue working without my interaction in case my internet connection goes down? In other words, will it continue processing normally when the network comes back up without user interaction?

    1. If for some reason your internet connection fails the node will most likely not break.
      Although it could always happen that this triggers an IRI crash. If this happens it’s still not a problem because all the programs automatically restart on crashes.
      It’s all programmed to be super user friendly.
      You could even enable automatic update to automatically update to newer IRI versions. This is an option you can enable during installation of the node.
      The automated update system will check every 10 mins if there is an update available. If there is one, it will stop it’s current processes, download and install the new versions, and then start it again without any user input.

      Please note that the automated updates are still a bit experimental and could be removed in the future at any given time.

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